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Center Hill Orchard And Apiary

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About Center Hill Orchard

Producing fresh fruit since 2015

You can find our orchard in Mount Carroll in the heart of Carroll County. We are located in Center Hill. We offer only fresh picked fruit. Since fresh fruit is seasonal in nature, we only have product available during mid to late summer and early fall. The main photos give an idea what the orchard looks like in the spring when all the trees are in full bloom.

Our Fresh Picked Fruit



We offer pie and sweet cherrys.



Several varieties available.



Bartlett, and several varieties of Asian pears available



Several types available



Blueberrys, red and black raspberrys, goji berrys


Our Completely Natural Honey


Liquid Honey

We offer honey in 1lb to 3lb jars.


Comb Honey

There is nothing more natural than comb honey!.




We offer the only freshest fruit available. Each piece of fruit is hand picked, at the peak of ripeness, when ordered so that it is as fresh as possible when you eat it. Therefore, we are a seasonal business only offering products when they ripen. There is nothing more refreshing than a fresh off the tree piece of fruit.

Our honey is also only available when the bee's say its ready. Our honey is completely natural as we sell whats extracted from the honey comb with no processing other than filtering out pieces of wax and other non-honey items. Our honey is never heated. So, it will crystallize if its left to long.

Center Hill Orchard and Apiary, Mount Carroll, IL

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